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UPDATE 1/17/2017: RetrOrangePi 3.01 is released. Go to the External Links section to download

RetrOrangePi is a gaming and media center distribution based on Armbian (Debian 8), compatible with H3 / Mali devices. It is developed and maintained by Stevie Whyte and Alerino Reis with collaboration of Wang Matt.


RetrOrangePi 3.0

  • Full Armbian 5.23 Jessie Desktop version with kernel 3.4.113 (backdoors fixed)
  • Slim version 1st release (less than 2 GB) coming tonight
  • OpenELEC (Kodi Jarvis 16.1) with CEC support by Jernej �krabec
  • RetroPie-Setup version 4.1
  • New Kodi Krypton beta6 version
  • New emulationstation-ROPI branch forked from jacobfk20 with gridview, on screen keyboard with easy wifi config and storage check with additional features added by ROPi team: display settings, OpenELEC / Desktop launcher and background music switcher integrated into main menu.
  • New Plug n' Play feature - USB roms autoload (reads from /media/usb0) (buggy)
  • New dummy roms feature (most common platform shown)
  • New splash video on 1st boot by Rafael Spirax
  • New default splashscreen (from Libretro)
  • New custom ES splashscreen by Francois Lebel @MagicFranky
  • OpenELEC ROPI addon already installed
  • Retroarch with XMB menu driver (Lakka)
  • Better looking video with bilinear filtering (smoothness) or scanlines by default
  • Most retroarch cores updated (FBA, PCSX etc.)

Supported Platforms[edit]

  • AmstradPc, Atari2600, Atari7800, Atari Lynx, Atari ST, Final Burn Alpha, Dreamcast, Gamegear, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Colour, MAME, MasterSystem, MegaDrive, MSX, Nintendo 64, NeoGeo, Nintendo NES, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color, PC Engine (TurboGrafx), Playstation 1, Playstation Portable, Sega32x, SegaCD, SG-1000, Super Nintendo, Vectrex, ZxSpectrum

New and improved content:

  • AdvanceMAME (newer romset, more compatibility, better performance in some games: Elevator Action Returns, Street Fighter the Movie, Star Wars Arcade, Judge Dredd, Sega Sonic The Hedgehog etc)
  • Amiga (FS-UAE emulator, fullscreen now, diskette sound, launcher)
  • Atari 5200*
  • Atari 8bit (models 400 800 XL XE)*
  • Coco / Tandy*
  • Colecovision (ColEm emu* Custom Coleco BlueMSX core**)
  • Creativision* **
  • Daphne (Philips Cdi emulator)
  • Dosbox (GLES version)
  • Dreamcast (fixed reicast-joyconfig)
  • Duke Nukem port (fixed tint color)
  • Game and Watch (fixed shortcuts)
  • Intellivision* **
  • OpenMSX (with .dsk support)*
  • PPSSPP (new version 1.3 from odroid repo)
  • TI99/4A (Texas Instruments)
  • Wolfenstein3D port


  • Select+Start → Exit Game
  • Select+Right Shoulder → Save State
  • Select+Left Shoulder → Load State
  • Select+Right → Save Slot Increase
  • Select+Left → Save Slot Decrease
  • Select+X → RetroArch Menu
  • Select+B → Reset Game


  • Download the latest image from the links at the end of this article.
  • Uncompress image in linux:

tar zxvf imagename.raw.tar.gz

To uncompress image in Windows, you can use most common archivers like WinRAR, 7-Zip.

Windows users can use win32diskimager to copy the RAW img to your sd card. You can use the pictures below for reference.



The default user and password are:

user - pi
pass - pi
root - orangepi

Emulators are already installed (at least the most common ones). To add ROMs, simply drop the files in the ~/RetroPie/roms/$CONSOLE folder, where $CONSOLE is the name of the target console, e.g. snes or arcade.

To use the GUI, select Desktop from EmulationStation menu, insert USB drive with your ROMs, copy them to RetroPie/roms/$CONSOLE folder (shortcut on your desktop).


RetrOrangePi Ports is a collection of ROMs and engines ported to RetrOrangePi.


A list of tutorials and RetrOrangePi Howtos can be found here.

Notes, known bugs[edit]

Please report any bugs to the developers on the RetrOrangePi Facebook group

Release history[edit]

Version Release date Highlights
Beta 1 June 15, 2016 First release. Merge of Alerino_Reis_Ubuntu_Retropie_and_Emulation_Station_(ES) and Stevie_Whyte_Retropie_for_OPi. Armbian as base system.
RetrOrangePi Hotfix 1 June 22, 2016 This hotfix is an update from Beta 1 to Beta 2.
Beta 2[3] June 22, 2016
  • Apt fixes
  • Fixed keybaord support in Emulation Station
  • Added kodi joystick support via qjoypad (more details in RetrOrangePi_Hotfix_1#Qjoypad)
  • Added kodi audio fix, Music and default player audio is now working, change output to sndhdmi in kodi audio settings.
  • Added kodi pvr.iptvsimple addon for pvr support (more info can be found in the kodi wiki
  • Updated SDL to 2.0.4 (Thanks Wang Matt)
  • Updated Emulation Station with our own splash screen.
  • Installed patched retroarch coin button fix
  • A few other small fixes.
RetrOrangePi Hotfix 2 June 25, 2016

This hotfix solves the following issues:

  • Desktop audio fixed
  • Kodi audio fixed
  • Kodi default audio player switched from mpv to built-in
RetrOrangePi 2.0 [4] July 1, 2016
  • Now based on Armbian 5.15
  • V-sync is now working, No more tearing
  • Removed fat boot partition (was causing some issues)
  • h3disp fixed
  • Video memory is now 192mb
  • Added psp emulator (Thanks Wang)
  • custom bootsplash with audio (seamless boot)
  • More kodi audio and X audio fixes,
  • Updated kodi playercorefactory.xml more file types are now supported
  • A few other small fixes.
RetrOrangePi 2.5 [5] September 23, 2016
  • Now based on armbian 5.20, wifi should now work correctly for your boards out of the box.

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Image gallery[edit]

The RetrOrangePi Image Gallery is a collection of community created bootsplash images, desktop wallpapers, videos and related RetrOrangePi inspired images.

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